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Looking for things to do in Elkhart Lake or things to do in Sheboygan? Come explore gorgeous Elkhart Lake like you never have before on Sheboatin'. Elkhart Lake's pedal tavern boat provides a gamefied experience that's one of a kind! Click the button to book your pedal tavern boat ride today!

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Sheboatin' party in Elkhart Lake, WI
Sheboatin' pedal tavern boat in Elkhart Lake, WI

Buy A Pedal Tavern Boat

Want to bring more fun to your community? Now you can! You can buy a pedal tavern boat and be your own boss with the greatest job on earth. Bring Sheboatin' to your favorite lake and provide a new pedal tavern boat experience like nothing else on the market. Email us here to learn more about getting your own Sheboatin' pedal tavern boat today. 

Sheboatin' in Elkhart Lake, WI




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Sheboatin' pedal tavern boat in Oklahoma City, OK
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